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After killing the first hunter, Li Yalin immediately shifted his position, jumped onto the second iron beam, and easily killed the remaining two hunters. Easy and simple, Li Yalin nodded with great satisfaction. But at that moment, a warm current suddenly filled Li Yalin's whole body. What happened? Upgraded at this time? Name: Li Yalin Race: Human Rank: Primary God Servant Talent Attribute: Unlimited Upgrade Unlimited Contract Skill: Improved Firepower Death Silence Broken Jade Fist Equip: 4A1 Additional Silencer/Thermal Sight/Grenade Launcher.44 Magnum Wheel Game Points: Originally, Li Yalin's experience was almost accumulated, and now he has killed three hunters, so it is natural to upgrade. After checking his attribute panel, he has become a primary God attendant, and the number of game points has unconsciously increased to more than six thousand points, which is about to reach seven thousand. It is really enough. "Good boy, it's all up to you this time!" After looking at the attribute panel, Li Yalin jumped off the beam. At this time, Uncle Enrique laughed and patted Li Yalin on the shoulder. His expression was unusually happy. This time, everyone was able to survive by relying on Li Yalin. Now Uncle Enrique simply treats Li Yalin as his own child. This boy is really a surprise to people. "Ai is Ai is really good luck, unexpectedly picked up a Magnum, how can I be so unlucky, only picked up a double-barreled shotgun?" One side of Charlie also repeatedly nodded, by the way, he also sadly pointed to the back of a double-barreled shotgun, saying that this shotgun was picked up on the train before, at the beginning, Charlie was very proud, after all,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, the attack of this thing is also very amazing, can be compared to Li Yalin's Magnum, well, the two are really not in the same class. Since everyone thought that Li Yalin had picked up the Magnum, Li Yalin, who did not have to explain, was happy to be free. Anyway, after killing three hunters, everyone could walk out of the old factory,L Methylfolate Factory, and the matter was basically over. But unfortunately, up to now, there is no news of the leech queen. Forget it. Let's talk about it later. Li Yalin decided to put the task aside first. At least now he can have a rest. Thanks to SABERATER, Sky Dome Remnant Heart, and the fish on the Milky Way for their rewards. I went out at 5:30 this morning to help move.. I'm really tired. Chapter 54 system prompts from Cai Cai. "So now, let's get out of this place." Opening the gate of the old factory, the first ray of sunrise came into everyone's eyes. It had been a whole night of fighting. Look at the time. The hour hand on the watch had pointed to the Arabic numeral seven. Ordinary people should have just got up at this time, right? Who knew that so many strange and thrilling stories had happened in this seemingly ordinary night? "Ahem, do you need a system prompt?" Just as Li Yalin was preparing to move forward with everyone, Li Yalin suddenly heard a light female voice, and the system prompted? Li Yalin turned his head fiercely, and Cai Cai, as a God system, stood behind him, while his teammates seemed not to have found her. Don't be surprised, ordinary mortals can't see me, continue to repeat the question, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, do you need the system prompt? No need to answer aloud, just read silently in your heart. "Seeing Li Yalin's surprised face, Cai Cai immediately laughed, but then Cai Cai's little face became serious again and continued to ask Li Yalin." "Does the system prompt?"? Well, I do need "Why is Cai Cai here at this time?"? Li Yalin was puzzled, but naturally the more hints, the better.
"Hum, today this system is still in a good mood, you can give free system tips, is about your main task, oh, the leech queen, on the B9 floor of this abandoned factory, if you want to knock it down, it's better to take advantage of the present." It can be seen that Cai Cai's mood is really good, and when it comes to the end, it's even towards Li Yalin's nifty eyes. Is the leech queen under this factory? In that case, Li Yalin really can't leave. "What's the matter with you, senior Yalin?" See Li Yalin did not keep up with the team, Rebecca hurriedly asked, but she has been watching Li Yalin, will naturally be the first time to find Li Yalin's strange. "Sorry, I have something to stay, you'd better leave first, I'll be there later." Leech Queen, this is related to his first main task, whether it is 3000 points of game points or randomly drawn bronze weapons, are tempting Li Yalin all the time, how can you give up this good opportunity! "What's the matter?" At this time, the captain uncle also came to Li Yalin. Li Yalin simply explained that he wanted to search the abandoned factory. When the captain uncle asked the whole team to search with Li Yalin, Li Yilin refused without hesitation. Li Yalin's reasons for refusal were not sufficient, but the captain uncle agreed to Li Yalin. Uncle Enrique, who has lived for more than 40 years, naturally knows that Li Yalin is hiding something, but since he is a teammate, he should not be afraid to believe it. "I see, but Yalin, be careful. I said I would bring all the players back alive!"! Don't forget, someone is waiting for you! Uncle Enrique patted Li Yalin on the shoulder in all earnestness, and by the way, he glanced at Rebecca with a worried face beside him. "Yalin senior, I will wait for you, waiting for you to come back." Rebecca bit her lips, her eyes showed the enthusiasm of fire, looking like this, as if she had made up her mind, and so on! What's going on? I'm not going to die. "Rest assured, I will return to the team at the first time after solving this problem!" A thumbs-up to Rebecca, Li Yalin's expression is unusually firm, and Rebecca's emotional debt, not to mention, even for the immediate concern of his teammates, Li Yalin will solve the battle in the fastest time! Similarly, Rebecca also gave a thumbs-up to Li Yalin,Kava Root Extract, which is Rebecca's favorite signature action, she believes that Yalin senior, Yalin senior will come back to find themselves! pioneer-biotech.com

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