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Just as General Long was about to beat up the martyr, Li Yu, the King of Yan, stopped him with a gesture and said, "Hum, listen to your backbone!"! I, the King of Yan, relied on the power of artillery, but I, the King of Yan, did not use women as artillery helmets, unlike your Khan King, who could not beat himself, so he used his princess as a shield. He was really not a man. This sentence may be talking about the pain of the martyrs, for the woman as a gun helmet, he did feel quite embarrassed, but at that time brother Wang also had no way, he did not say any more. Li Yu added, "You are also a martyr. The king thinks that you are also a man. The king will not kill you. Keeping you will be of great use." The martyr was originally holding the idea of death, and when he heard the King of Yan say so, he immediately thought that perhaps the King of Yan was going to exchange himself for the hostages in the hands of his brother, the Emperor Li Gan and Prince Li Long of the Great Youguo. Then Li Yu told General Long, "Take good care of him and feed him well. Don't let him die. The king still has important uses." "Yes,outdoor whirlpool, I will get the order at the end." General Long promised. General Long waved to several bodyguards to escort the martyrs down. When Li Yu, the King of Yan, saw that the martyr had been taken away, he said to General Long, "The king now estimates that the Khan King has already known that his brother has been captured by us. He must have stopped his retreat to the north and is waiting for an opportunity to rescue his brother. The king plans to make friends with his brother, the emperor and the prince. The most urgent thing is to send someone to send a message to the martyr." "I will be willing to go and deliver the letter." "General Long pleaded." All right, the king will write a letter at once. You ride on the king's sweaty BMW and send the letter to the real hand as soon as possible. Go back as soon as possible. "Yes!"! The last general will certainly live up to his mission. Li Yu soon wrote a letter to the effect that he would exchange hostages in front of the west gate of the capital two days later. Dragon general speed up, alone,outdoor endless pool, soon caught up with also first really troops, as expected, also first really had ordered his cavalry to stop the advance, ready to go back to save his brother also martyrs. Also first really see the dragon general is only a person to come, expected is to send a letter, also did not attack the dragon general, the dragon general will Li Yu's letter to also first really hand. Also first really opened the letter to look at, and then frowned a little thought, feel that the emperor in his hands has no effect, keep also can not threaten the king of Yan, it is really better to take him for his brother, but his brother is a person, his hands can hold two people! He wanted to ask the King of Yan for a price, so he said to General Long, "One for one, how can one for two?"? You, american hot tub ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, the King of Yan, are too calculating! General Long smiled and thought to himself that the King of Yan had expected things like a God. When he left, the King of Yan had told him that when he met him, he would answer like this: "King Khan, don't forget that what we have in our hands is your own brother, born of the same mother. What you have in your hands is no longer the emperor of our Great Youguo." It's just a deposed prince and an overlord. It's up to you whether to change or not. If the King of Khan is not willing to exchange, the King of Yan will be impolite. Also first really heart a shock, the king of Yan is really said to his heart, just, just, even if the master of the central plains is wandering around, as long as stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood. He closed his eyes and then said to General Long, "Well, according to the wishes of the King of Yan, two days later, we will exchange hostages at Ximen. You have to keep your word. If you bombard us with artillery, don't blame the king for being unkind!" "King Khan can rest assured that the King of Yan is a man of his word and will exchange hostages with you as agreed." Said General Long. Then it's settled! Two days later, the king must be here. "The general took his leave." "Well, the king won't see you off. The general will go well." General Long returned to the capital and reported to the King of Yan that he had agreed to exchange the hostages.
Two days later, outside the west gate of the capital, Xianzhen also took the overlord Li Gan and Prince Li Long to stand in front of his team, and the King of Yan also took the martyrs to stand on the gate tower of the west gate. The King of Yan shouted to Yexianzhen's army, "Yexianzhen, listen. The king will count three times and release him at the same time. The king will send someone to meet him." Also first true also send a person to shout, promise: "It's a deal!" It's a deal! The King of Yan ordered people to open the city gate. General Long and the martyrs rushed out of the city gate. Before the battle, the King of Khan ordered people to shout, "One, two, three!" When he shouted three, General Long released the martyr. He saw that his younger brother had been released, so he released Li Gan and Li Long. At this time, the eunuch An Tianhai, who was imprisoned in another prison car, shouted for help: "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, help me, and me, and me!" Overlord Li Gan bowed his hand to King Khan and said, "King Khan, just ask King Khan to do a favor. This little eunuch is already useless to King Khan. Please let him go too." Also really early see an tianhai is not pleasing to the eye, anyway, he will take the team back to the prairie, keep this damn eunuch is a burden, he waved to his subordinates, subordinates opened the prison car, put an tianhai, came to meet the hostage dragon general took the three of them back to the capital together. He sighed a long sigh at the capital city where he had been destroyed, and then returned to the desert with his brother, the martyr, and a small group of the remaining cavalry. Chapter 305 of the main text (1). He sighed a long sigh at the capital city where he had been destroyed,outdoor hot tub, and then returned to the desert with his brother, the martyr, and a small group of the remaining cavalry. monalisa.com

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