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The charming woman in orange raised her eyebrows and shouted, "I didn't expect your useless master to have such a clever girl as you!"! It's a pity that smart is not the place! Glancing at me with a sneer, he said, "It's not that you don't know that your master is not favored. I might as well tell you the truth today. Even if she is locked up in my Yanyun Pavilion today, Lord Sikong won't have any blame." Then he covered his mouth with his cuff and laughed. He looked at me in a twinkling of an eye and said, "Maybe it's just what he wants to borrow my hand except you." Hear here, I can not help but wonder in the heart, from the words of Bixiang, I and this woman should be the same as what Sikong's concubine, she is clearly taking advantage of her husband is not at home to punish the rival. But why did she say that Lord Sikong also wanted to kill me? "This sister, you and I work together, and we should sympathize with each other.". You should give me a reason to fall out now, right? What did I do to deserve a lynching like this? Otherwise, even if you can go to Lord Sikong to claim credit, you will be unknown, right? I raised the corners of my lips and tried to smile modestly and politely. The heart is secretly angry, how can I be so unlucky, even if I was killed by a thief in modern times, but I have to suffer from the pain of flesh when I return to ancient times. I also put up with working with a husband. At the worst, I ran away from home, but I was still not favored. I really didn't buy lottery tickets so accurately. As if I had not expected to say such a thing,stainless steel edging strip, the woman in orange was obviously stunned and looked at me with some surprise, but did not answer for a moment. Kneeling at my feet, the maid named Bixiang also looked at me in surprise, and then turned around and said, "Yes, Master Mei, even if my young lady really stole your suet jade hairpin, she would not be guilty of death,aluminum tile edge trim, would she?"? This has been whipped several times, and what kind of fire has been let out? The maidservant dares to remind you that besides Lord Sikong, there is also a prime minister's mansion that needs your explanation. Sure enough, she was a clever girl, and I looked at her appreciatively. There was a touch of blue on the charming master's face, and he was robbed of his white face. He glared at Bixiang and said, "Well, you're a dog slave, but you've taught the master a lesson!"! Your master is at least a concubine. What kind of thing do you dare to talk to me like that? With a wink, the footman behind her stepped forward and slapped Bixiang in the face. Blood oozed from the corners of his mouth after a few crackles. Stop it! I don't know where I got the strength to shout so loudly. The footman was roared out of the blue by me, and actually stopped. If you have the guts to kill me, why should you take out your anger on a servant for no reason? You have no self-degradation. I took a deep breath, raised my eyebrows and said, "If you weren't afraid, you wouldn't have touched me when Lord Sikong was away.". I might as well make it clear today that I have no intention of arguing with you at all, tile trim manufacturers ,tile trim factory, and you should stop. Otherwise, the shame suffered today will be repaid twice as much in the future. Typical negotiation, coercion, inducement, and intimidation. There was a calm expression on my face, but my heart was jumping. Who knows if this crazy woman would really kill me. See that woman's face quickly suffused with a burst of blue and white, Leng Leng looked at me for a long time, sneer, "yuan Qingsuo, originally I also looked down upon you!"! Let's put you aside for the time being today and see if you dare to use your mother's power to move your mind on Lord Sikong in the future! Then he got up angrily and left with a group of followers. There was a sudden silence in the dilapidated darkroom. Bixiang wept and untied the ropes on my hands and feet, and there were already blood stains on my white skin. I sat down on the ground wearily, thinking about what had just happened, feeling like a dream.. It's okay to travel through ancient times, but it happened to wear to such a ghost place. Think of grandpa, think of my home in the 21st century, only feel a gloomy heart. Chapter 1 If Life Is Just Like First Sight 3 “…… Miss, what shall we do in the future? What shall we do? “…… Young lady, you are already right like this, the rabbit is anxious to bite people, that flatters the master to bully people too much! Anyhow, she was given by the prime minister. She was just jealous of your high status.
” “…… Miss, don't blame the servant for being talkative. Although Yuwen's son looks handsome and extraordinary, he looks like a handsome young man, but in fact he's just a dandy who lingers in the place of fireworks all day long. It's not worth your deep affection for him.. I was lying on the ground, my body was sore. I had just eaten the simple food sent by the charming master. My heart was full of melancholy, but Bixiang kept reading beside me. In order to find out my identity, I had to listen to it silently. After listening for almost half an hour, I finally figured out my own life experience. Her young lady's name was yuan Qingsuo. She was the distant niece of yuan Shi, the wife of Yu Wenhu, the prime minister. She was given to Yu Wenhu, the prime minister of Sikong, as a concubine. This Yuwen Childe is a playboy, on the surface readily accept, but in fact she abandoned. The other concubines in the mansion saw that she had a high status and a weak temper, and they always bullied her in different ways. Just now the master named Jiang Yanmei was the most favored, and naturally he was more ruthless than others. yuan Qingsuo was unconscious after being whipped a few times. He was in a coma for a day and a night, but when he woke up, it was me who pitied him. How many concubines does this Yuwen childe have altogether? I was so curious that I asked. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I felt something was wrong. I was afraid that this clever girl would find me different. Well, Miss, you shut yourself up in your room every day. No wonder you don't know. There are more than twenty concubines in the Yanyun Pavilion, not counting the singers and dancers in your house. This Yuwen Childe's romantic nature is a well-known thing throughout the country. Miss, you have a deep affection for him, but he disdains it. That charming master runs you in front of Yuwen Childe, he doesn't even look at you, no wonder everyone can ride on our heads. Miss, you are either embroidering or crying in the room every day. Other concubines only say that you are aloof. In fact,aluminum tile trim, how can they know your heart to Yuwen Childe.. This girl is clever, but her shortcoming is that she talks a lot. When I ask her a question, she can answer me ten sentences without blinking. jecatrims.com

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