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A leading wolf was hung high by the thorn vine, and the barbs pierced its belly. His companion had died of the man-eating vine. He closed his eyes in despair and waited for the night smoke to kill him. However, the night smoke did not seem to want to kill him. The thorn vine threw him heavily to the ground, and the man-eating vine seemed to be full, and they all retreated. The gray wolf hung his tail and retreated. "Go back and tell the Wolf King that I'm waiting for him at Black Rose Castle. I'm going to find him if I'm late." The gray wolf limped away, and the wolf clan's magic array could merge the four of them into one, thus exerting greater power. But now it was interrupted by a few plants, he could not believe it, he would rather believe that it was not an ordinary plant. The guard of the House of Elders came and swept up the blood on the ground, and the night smoke nodded slightly to Susan, thanking her for her convenience in the matter. As the night smoke was about to leave, Susan folded her wings and fell to the ground. "Hey, do you want to slaughter the wolves?" "See if they are obsessed with their own death." After saying this, Ye Feiyan left. Seeing an adoring look in one of the guards' eyes, Susan said disdainfully,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, "Bluff!" Looking at the man-eating vine on the ground, Susan snapped her fingers, the flame ignited, and the man-eating vine turned to ashes. It's really a very common plant, a plant that is afraid of fire. ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Here, we will send a good person card to the little cuties who subscribe and irrigate the nutrient solution! Mada ~ Wolf ladder Ye Feiyan helped Yu Wanwan take a bath and cleaned her carefully with a towel. The fur of the rabbit is soft,ceramic bobbin heater core, and the newly grown fur is very fluffy. After drying, Yu Wanwan turned into a human figure and wrapped himself in a quilt. The night smoke poured a cup of warm water for Yu Wanwan and lit a tranquilizing incense. Elder sister It was very late, but Ye Feiyan wanted to leave the bedroom. Yu Wanwan seemed to feel something was wrong, and she subconsciously grabbed the corner of Ye Feiyan's clothes. Be a good boy and sleep by yourself tonight. I'll be back later. The doors and windows of the bedroom were sealed by the boundary, and Yu Wanwan would not know what had happened outside. Yu Wanwan guessed that something would happen. She shook her head. "But it's very late. I want to be with my sister." "Be good, I'll be back in a minute." Ye Feiyan pushed aside Yu Wanwan's hand and turned out of the bedroom. The night smoke opened the window of the study, and the shadow servant flew far away. The guards on the bank of the Daiga River changed. They stared at the bridge in front of them, but did not notice two bubbles coming out of the water in the distance. The night was very quiet, and the eerie silence made the night smoke feel that his provocation had worked. Blood servants were ordered not to leave the room, all the doors and windows were protected by the boundary, leaving only the windows of the study open, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic bobbin element, a cup of blood on the windowsill, blood incense seems to be able to go away with the wind, luring visitors. Below the windows of the study and bedroom are man-eating vines tangled with black roses, waiting for the opportunity. The night smoke stared out of the window quietly. It was dark outside. There were no stars or the moon. All the rooms had candles out. Only the study of the night smoke was as bright as day. Ye Feiyan felt that it seemed boring to let them die too miserably as soon as they came up, so he let the man-eating vine hide. In the dark night, there seems to be only a large number of black roses. A gust of wind blew, the wind mixed with the stench, the leaves of the black rose moved, and the night smoke became alert. The Shadow Servant followed the Wolf Clan to the Black Rose Castle and naturally returned to the Night Smoke. As early as the wolf clan approached the Daiga River and climbed up from the river, the night smoke already knew. The wolves shook off the water and walked one by one in the direction of Blackbriar Castle. The forward protects the head wolf, and the weaker one follows behind. It is estimated that there are fifty or sixty heads. The night smoke gently held his chin. The wolf thought the night smoke had gone to sleep. He thought their plan was perfect, but when he looked up at the night smoke's bloody eyes, his heart beat faster. Chief, what do we do? The guy standing on the right side of the first wolf howled twice. He was Mulang's younger brother, but he was no match for Mulang's position, so this time he could only follow on one side.
Head Wolf and Mulang's status is equal, but more than Mulang's cruel determination, after all, he will not have any lover in his heart. Night red smoke directed at the wolf provocatively hooked the corners of his mouth, the first wolf whistled, and the vanguard jumped out. Ye Feiyan knows that the group law array of the Wolf Clan can only exert its greatest power with the real body. It's like when vampires fight, they spread their wings and show their fangs. But those grey guys are really ugly. Two wolves ran into the garden. They seemed to want to jump into the study through the window, but the man-eating vine quickly entangled them. Whoo! The first wolf cried bitterly, and the death of his companions did not seem to be able to stop them. Her green eyes shone cold in the night, and the night smoke was not afraid at all. She poured a cup of blood out of the window, and the cannibal vines were even more excited. Seven or eight wolves jumped out, and the night smoke was surprised that they were not afraid, but they were eager to come and die. The gray wolf's muscles burst and pressed the man-eating vine with his body. Earth's defense magic? Ye Feiyan narrowed his eyes and used magic to spur the growth of the man-eating vine. The gray wolf's claws can't cut through the man-eating vine, but the struggle makes their bodies corrode faster. Several wolves in the back did not flinch, and seven or eight more jumped out. The first wave of gray wolves that jumped into the Black Rose Garden was half dead, followed by the second wave, with their hind legs on their companions'bodies and their front legs on the wall. In a moment, seven or eight more heads jumped up, dozens of gray wolves built a wolf ladder, and the vanguards jumped up the wolf ladder. Night smoke can destroy the wolf ladder, but she doesn't want to. Now that they have come,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, Ye Feiyan has no intention of letting them leave. It's better to catch them all than to let the guys behind them run away. Ye Feiyan stepped back two steps, waiting for the gray wolf behind to step on the wolf ladder and jump in. The more than twenty wolves who built the wolf ladder had only one breath left, standing on their hard bones and stiff muscles. global-ceramics.com

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