When it comes to protecting high-asset equipment and the environment, engineers and OEMs prefer ZAGO. ZAGO sealing fasteners – seal screws, seal bolts, seal nuts and seal washers – are engineered with a groove under the head of the screw (or face of nut/washer) that when combined with a rubber O-ring and tightened, forms a 360-degree air-tight seal. This seal will not break or crack – even when exposed to extreme pressures, temperatures, and harsh environments. It prevents contaminants, (liquids, lubricants, gas, dirt), from seeping into and damaging equipment and toxins from leaking into the environment. ZAGO sealing fasteners are reusable, corrosion-resistant, and pollutant-free.

ZAGO switch boots protect underwater electronic switches from saltwater, wind, and bacteria. Its signature crystal seals line shields electronic devices from the elements and crystal clear for full visibility.

ZAGO sealing fasteners & components are made in the USA & sold worldwide. Visit www.zago.com to build your part online or contact your fastener distributor and ask for ZAGO by name.